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Over the past two months, everyone has been able to get a lot of inspiration and see the spring trends and trend colours in beautiful presentations at various events. Besides the well-known colours of the year 2023 Wild Wonder, Viva Magenta, Vining Ivy, Faded Terracotta, Citrona, Tar and Hazy, there are also many trends in materials, colours and patterns that have been translated into the latest wallpaper collections. Team Interior Collection Days asked several participants within the ‘wallpaper’ product group which collection should not be missed in the shop or in upcoming projects.

ARTE - Alaya

“More than 2,000 years after its creation, the historic Silk Road still captures the imagination. Along a network of roads, heavily laden caravans transported silk and other luxury goods between the Far East and the Western world. A journey full of adventure, especially when the journey led through the high mountains of the Himalayas. Arte found inspiration in this fabulous journey for its Alaya collection. This wallcovering takes you back in time and takes you on an adventurous journey along the Silk Road. Silk plays the leading role in the collection, interspersed with impressive decors based on Himalayan vistas. Banyan This panoramique takes its name from a common tree along the Silk Road: the Banyan Tree. It lets you get lost in a dreamy fantasy landscape, well hidden high in the Himalayas. The panorama comes to life even more thanks to its execution in pure silk.”

Calcutta Home Fashion Group - Blend

“In this new collection, characterful playful textures are the starting point to enrich interiors. Created by a whimsical interplay of yarns, this atmospheric wallcovering adds a new dimension to your interior. Blend transforms the surface into a tangible space. A rustic fabric that adds some luxury to your home via a dynamic interplay between matt and gloss. The composition of this collection consists of 80% PES and20% nylon.”


“Ancient Japan seen through the eyes of the 21st century. Far from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo lies Kyoto, a beautiful city with a vast heritage, full of Shinto temples, palaces and hidden gardens. By evoking the former capital in this new collection, we have brought Japan’s traditions to life. Traditional, but not too much: the idea is to capture the essence of Japan and give it a contemporary reinterpretation. Shown here is KYOTO’s Kensai collection. The pattern is inspired by Japanese tatamis, Kensai uses the geometric pattern to create a harmonious wallpaper. This micro-pattern is produced on non-woven paper, lifted by iridescent lines. These bright lines create and enhance the design.”

Dutch Wall Decor, ELLE DECORATION - More Beauty 3

“We think the third wallpaper collection by luxury interior design brand ELLE DECORATION – “More Beauty 3” deserves this title. The idea “wallpaper with passion!” also applies to this third collection. The latest designs are elegant, modern and stylish, while the colour worlds evoke harmony and sensuality. In total, the new collection includes six exclusive designs and a new uni texture in a varied colour palette. Besides decorative nature themes, there are also discreet yet expressive patterns reminiscent of marble or spachtel technique. A sophisticated interplay of matt and gloss elements underlines the extraordinary character of this high-quality collection.”

Masureel, Khrôma - Aquila

“From citrus trees and cypress trees to warm, geometric fabric designs. The Aquila collection takes inspiration from Southern cities and villages, enriched with a touch of textiles. The textile look is the common thread and gives the designs a unique touch. The collection is innovative not only in drawing and colour, but also in terms of ecology. Each wallpaper is printed on high-quality non-woven quality and the panoramic designs are extra washable yet ecological, as they are printed on a non-woven quality newly developed by Masureel.”

Noordwand – Kumano

“Having lived from crisis to crisis in recent years, we are increasingly in need of peace and balance. Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. AND provides peace of mind and body. Besides green – the colour of nature, of course – we will also see many shades of grey, blue and teal. Luxurious and deep colours that combine beautifully with natural materials and earthy tones such as sand, brown, beige and (walnut) wood. A lot is allowed on the walls, as long as they are not white. Ceilings are also allowed. You can really go for depth and darkness. Texture, subtle shine and structure provide an extra luxurious and elegant feeling, without sacrificing tranquillity. In Noordwand’s new Kumano collection, we find a beautiful matt teal-coloured wallpaper with a pattern reminiscent of mist or rippling water in a metallic antique-nickel colour. The combination of tranquillity, nature and depth.”

Rasch Belgium and Netherlands bvba – LINEN HOUSE

“Back to nature … peace on the wall! With this trend, Emil & Hugo is trying to bring calm into the home. A big contrast compared to 2022 where geometric shapes and bright colours were put in the spotlight. The LINEN HOUSE collection features the look and textures of different natural materials, such as linen, flax, with the highlight being real wood laminated on fleece. Besides LINEN HOUSE which is inspired by the natural product linen, the NATURALIS collection offers a whole range of real natural products such as cork, wood bark, raffia, mica and a pure linen textile wallpaper.”

Sanderson Design Group, Morris & Co. - Rambling Rose

“At a time when nostalgia plays an important role in interior design, classic English design company Morris & Co. has launched a new collaboration with close friends at museum Emery Walker’s House (in Hammersmith, UK). The house is filled with decoration and furniture that shows interest in Morris’s ideas, including mementos of Morris and other Arts and Crafts leaders. This charming collection including odner ‘Rambling Rose’ adds a touch of English romance to any home. Rambling Rose depicts the English rose, an icon of woodland walks and cottage gardens. Climbing, twisting and turning, the seductive labyrinthine structure of this thorny rose betrays the symbolism of earthly love and purity. The rose, a rare element in his wallpaper, was a motif William Morris used repeatedly, both in his tapestries and in his poetry. Rose (called Rambling Rose here), from 1877, returns to Morris & Co.’s range for the first time in many years in the Emery Walker’s House collection. The collection is not just wallpaper, with May’s Coverlet offering an easier-to-integrate option for any home. Inspired by the impressive handwork of William Morris’ daughter May, the coverlet is made using hand embroidery on a 100% linen base to perfectly replicate the original pattern.”

Spits – House For Decorative Brands – Carrara 3

“Beautiful natural colours and textures are the basis of the Carrara 3 collection, very stylish wallpaper for any room in the house. Both stylish small textures but also large pronounced patterns appear in this collection. The contrast of the marble patterns is really pleasing to the eye but also creates warmth in your room. The combination of both colours and textures play right into the trends of 2023, warm colours and natural patterns.”
Contact participants for more information on these beautiful and sophisticated collections via the contact form at the bottom of everyone’s online company profile. What is your favourite collection or showstopper in shop or in your interior design? Let us know by tagging us on Instagram or via #incoda.

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