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Evenementenhal Gorinchem – 22, 23 & 24 september 2024

Kerakoll SpA

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Self-levelling gel with variable rheology and variable viscosity, easy to use for leveling all types of substrates and can be laid very quickly and reliably (maximum waiting time 12 hours for 30 mm) with all types of floor coverings, leveling thicknesses from 1 to 30 mm.
BIO: Planogel Rheo is without hazard indications; Does not cause irritation and is not dangerous for the eyes. (No H315 / H318 indication / icon).
ECO: Contains more than 60% regional natural minerals, and is end-of-life applicable as an inert filler.
Unique Kerakoll Technology : Geobinder + VMA System (Gel Technology)
Selected additives: Calcium carbonate and fine silicon sand.

For leveling: Sand-cement, anhydrite, concrete, ceramics, wood, OSB, floors with anchored heating systems, OSB, metal, gypsum-based and cement-based fiber boards (ICM Kerakoll primer)
Suitable for subsequent laying of: Parquet, PVC, LVT, SPC, Synthetic resin coatings, Tiles, Carpet, Laminate. For indoors.
Thickness of application layer: 1-30 mm / Grain size inert minerals: 0-0.6 mm
Consumption per mm of thickness: 1.6 kg. Amount of water per 25 kg: 4.75-5.5 ltr.
Can be walked on: after 3 hours Flow time: 20 minutes Settled after: 50-70 minutes
Floor covering after: Tiles: 4 hours. Other floor coverings : 12 hours.
Primers to be used: -Primer A ; For z-c, anhydrite. gypsum-based panels, fiber cement panels, concrete.
-Keragrip Eco : For concrete, ceramic floors, wood base
-Keradur Eco ; For non-compact, sandy z-c screeds
Adhesion to the substrate: Concrete >3N/mm2 / Ceramic >1.5 N/mm2 / Wood >1.5 N/mm2 / Metal >1 N/mm2. Surface hardness : >90 N/mm2
Peel test PVC according to EN ISO 22631, (= pull-off adhesion of PVC glued to Planogel Rheo): > 2 N/mm2
Dimensional stability test, according to EN 13892-9 : < 0.1 mm/m. Shelf life : 12 months


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