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mFLOR Parva Oak Chevron


mFLOR Parva Oak Chevron

The well-known mFLOR quality in a new shape. The popular Parva Oak (herringbone) collection is also available as the Parva Oak Chevron. Feel free to combine with the Parva Oak or Authentic Oak XL.

With the introduction of the Parva Oak Chevron in the same natural oak design and popular, inspiring colours, there are even more installation options. The strips of this new collection have 45 degree angles, making it easy to install them in the luxurious looking Hungarian point pattern. This deliberately chosen ‘sharper’ angle leads to narrow rows, which accentuates the length of a room. The unique ‘Viennese point’ pattern is also possible.

The strips of the Parva Oak Chevron are 80.01cm long and 13.34cm wide and, like the Authentic Oak XL and Parva Oak, are 2.5mm thick and have a 0.55mm thick wear layer. The colours of the three collections are the same, so feel free to combine them for even more inspiring possibilities. Vary in size and pattern and create your own unique floor!

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