Active Prime Fix – Interieur Collectie Dagen


Fast-drying universal adhesion promoter for subsequent application of self-levelling leveling compounds, cementitious adhesives, leveling compounds and plasters. 1-Component, water-based, for indoor and outdoor use. Color / aspect : Light blue water dispersion

Application: Pure, or diluted to 1 in 4 with water, with a short-haired synthetic roller.
Substrates: ceramic tiles, concrete / cement-bound floors, anhydrite screeds, wooden plank floors, parquet, gypsum blocks and plasterboards, metal, synthetic resin-based adhesive residues, epoxy floors, PVC.
For anhydrite: 1° layer diluted 1 in 3 with water, after drying 2° layer pure.
Consumption : 0.1-0.2 kg/m2. Specific gravity: 1.01 ltr/dm3.
Waiting time for next operation : 30-60 minutes / within 48 hours.
Adhesion to concrete after 7 days : >3N/mm2.
Adhesion to glazed tiles: after 24 hours: >2N/mm2,
after 7 days: > 2.5 N/mm2.
Shear tensile strength on glazed tiles: after 24 hours: >1.5 N/mm2, after 7 days: > 2 N/mm2.


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