Tacito – visueel en akoestisch comfort – Interieur Collectie Dagen

Tacito – visueel en akoestisch comfort

Tacito – visueel en akoestisch comfort

About us

Sublime acoustic properties. Durable. Versatile and stylish. PET felt is an exceptional material with many advantages. Tacito specializes in acoustic solutions made of PET felt. From ceiling coverings to wall decoration and from a myriad of colors to beautiful prints. The eye-catcher in every interior; a wood wall. Then choose Tacito’s wall with a wood look. Or go for Tacito’s PET felt slats. Do you opt for a wave or straight pattern of the Slats? Are you going for neutral or vibrant? And how about your own logo between the slats? With us you benefit from everything that PET felt has to offer.

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