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Kerakoll SpA
Kerakoll SpA

Kerakoll SpA

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Kerakoll GreenBuilding Company is an international leader
in R&D for Eco and Bio friendly sustainable building products and their production.
Since june 2023, Kerakoll is listed as a certified B Corp Benefit Corporation.
Kerakoll develops and manufactures products with respect
for the environment and the world of tomorrow.
Kerakoll is also a specialist in colors and has its own Interior Design line, Kerakoll Color Collection, with the colors produced with local tinting machines; The 150 colors of the Kerakoll Color Collection.
All this is made possible by the Kerakoll GreenLab: the most advanced technological R&D center in the world for studying and developing new materials and solutions for Eco and Bio friendly, sustainable building. The Kerakoll GreenLab is the first building in Italy to be designed and built entirely with ecologically sustainable solutions and with its own energy production.




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