Indivipro Netherlands B.V. & Carpetlinq – Interieur Collectie Dagen

Evenementenhal Gorinchem – 22, 23 & 24 september 2024

Indivipro Netherlands BV

Indivipro Netherlands B.V. & Carpetlinq

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Indivipro is an international wholesaler and importer of Nature Deco and Lutron and has its own workshop. By several designers, including Marcel Wolterinck and Francois Hannes, they have had a number of exclusive fabrics designed. For the vast majority of the curtain collection they work together with a famous Italian weaving company that almost exclusively serves the top segment brands like Missoni and Armani are of this house.

Carpetlinq B.V. is a wholesaler of high-end carpets and broadloom. Since 2014 our collection can be found in various interior design shops, and we supply interior designers at home and abroad. Our rugs are unique and made by hand. Due to the handwork, products may differ from each other and this is what makes our collection so special.

Both companies are located in Enter, where there is a production facility and an 800m2 showroom. Indivipro & Carpetlinq can also be visited in Amsterdam or at the ETC in Culemborg, where it has a permanent exhibition.



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